Raw Dairy Sources

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Freedom Hill Farm, Otisville, NY

“A small 23 cow dairy farm. Their Jersey cows are mostly pasture-fed and they have a permit from NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets to sell raw milk.”

Shunpike Dairy, Millbrook, NY

“Raw milk dairy milking Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Holstein, and Jersey cows. Strictly grass-fed, their cows are NEVER given hormones or antibiotics of ANY kind. They welcome visits to the farm and tours are gladly given for both individuals or groups. Call ahead for tours. Milk sales daily, no set hours. They have glass containers available for sale, or they will fill your clean containers.

Shunpike Dairy, located at 1348 Shunpike (corner of Shunpike & RT 44) Millbrook NY 12545. For more information contact Liz Baldwin at 845-702-6224 or Keith Lovett at 845-418-1594 or send an email to tonelwinfarm@optonline.net.”

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse, Waldwick, NJ

“100% grass-fed raw milk cheeses. Twelve styles produced seasonally, April-Nov, sold year-round at the farm, at farmers markets, and on their website. Zero grain or silage; zero confinement. Calves are raised in pasture by their moms. They are the origin herd of the “Bobolink Black Graizers” breed, a grass-hardy cross of Irish Kerry with Guernsey, Ayrshire, Jersey and Shorthorn.”

Bobolink Dairy & Bakeyard, Nina & Jonathan White, 369 Stamets Road, Milford, NJ 08848. Email:info@cowsoutside.com

Generation Farm, Stone Ridge, NY

“They are currently selling raw milk for $2.00 a half gallon. They sell in glass only. They have glass jars to purchase or they will fill your clean ones. They will fill during milking time of 4 P.M – 6:30 P.M. or you can drop off jars and they will fill them and keep them refrigerated till you pick up.”

F&C BROOKS AND SONS, Frank, Cyndi, Randy, Cassandra, & Scott Brooks, 285 Tongore Road Kingston N,Y 12401, (845) 687-4074, Generationfarm@AOL.com .

Hawthorne Valley Farm, Hawthorne Valley, NY

Raw dairy is sold in the farm store of this farm. They also sell their produce and their lacto-fermented products.

“Hawthorne Valley Farm is a modern, diversified, biodynamic farm in upstate New York. Our farm spans 400 acres of woodlands and rolling hills, open fields and meadows, and flowing creeks and streams. We lease an additional 300 acres in the area. At the heart of the farm is the closed herd of 60 cows which, to a large degree, provides the pulse for and rhythm of the adjunct operations. The cows furnish the milk for our Creamery operation; prescribe, to some extent, the cover and feed crops grown to nourish them and the horses, pigs, and laying hens; and provide, along with the other farm animals, the basis of our compost, which is essential for building soil fertility to ensure a continuous, regenerative cycle.”

Udderly Fresh Farm, Washingtonville, NY

Raw milk from grass-fed, organically-raised cows. Inspected weekly. 4$ per gallon with your own container, 5$ without. Pick-up daily between 4-5:30 PM. Eggs from free-running chickens. 845-728-6235. 183 E. Main St.. Washingtonville, NY

Everything else, by county

Rockland County

The Cropsey Community Farm, New City, NY

Vegetable CSA.

“The Rockland Farm Alliance, under a licensing agreement with Rockland County and the Town of Clarkstown, has launched Rockland’s first community farm in New City, at the retired Cropsey farm on Little Tor Road. This project represents an historic intermunicipal collaboration, and is the first tangible step toward developing a local foodshed in Rockland County.

The RFA is initially developing 5 acres of this property; the project consists of 2 core components: a working, revenue-producing farm, and an education/demonstration area. The working farm focuses crop production to support a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) progam, and plans to dedicate a small portion of acreage to growing specialty crops for schools.”

Hook Mountain Growers, Nyack, NY

Vegetables, herb seedlings.

“Nestled between Hook Mountain and the Hudson River 30 minutes from Manhattan lies our homestead in Nyack, New York where food is organically grown and biodynamically influenced.  Our original intent was to provide organic, nutrient dense produce to feed ourselves.  There would be no question as to where the food came from and we knew that if it was grown with love, there would be nothing better we could provide for ourselves and our families.  With bio-intensive methods, it soon became apparent that we could start providing for others in the community as well and we intend to make our produce and plants available at local Farmer’s Markets and to local restaurants.”

Pfeiffer Center Biodynamic Gardens, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Biodynamic produce.

“The gardeners stock the Pfeiffer Center Farm Stand every Monday and Wednesday morning during the season with fresh-picked biodynamic veggies from the Pfeiffer Center Garden, the Children’s Garden, and Crown Field.”

Orange County

Bloominghill Farm, Blooming Grove, NY

Organic produce, CSA, year-round farmstand

“Blooming Hill Farm is celebrating our 27th year of growing organic vegetables in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We grow over 200 varieties of organic produce, including over 30 varieties of tomato and 24 varieties of greens, including six types of kale, five varieties of chard, and eight types radicchio.”

Hickory Field Farm, Slate Hill, NY

Beef, chicken, eggs.

“Hickory Field Farm is a small family-run farm located in Orange County, NY.  We are dedicated to raising our animals in a natural, low stress environment to ensure they have the best quality of life possible.  Our cows have access to pasture 365 days a year within our rotational grazing model, and are a combination of Miniature Herefords and Lowline Angus. These smaller cattle require less pasture, are less damaging to the land, have shorter muscle fibers (which results in more tender beef), and produce steaks that are much closer to recommended serving sizes. We also have pastured poultry; we use a heritage breed called “Freedom Rangers” that excel on pasture and have an excellent flavor.”

Kezialain Farm, Westtown, NY


“We see ourselves as stewards of this land that has supported us for eight generations, which is why we raise 100% grass-fed, (NOFA-NY) certified organic beef cattle. They thrive on the native grasses and plants that grow naturally in the fields and help keep this mini-ecosystem healthy.

The cattle eat only their mother’s milk, our pasture and hay, and organic minerals like kelp. We don’t use growth hormones, routine antibiotics, harmful medications or artificial fertilizers. Kezialain beef the healthiest kind of beef you can buy—totally grass-fed andorganic. Plus, it tastes good!”

Lowland Farm cow eating grass

Lowland Farm, Warwick, NY

“Responsibly Raised: means taking care of our animals.

• Cows graze pastures and eat hay exclusively, the food that best suits their ruminant stomachs.

• Cows range across open pasture from birth to market, rather than live inconfinement. This helps them stay healthy; they do not need, nor receive, antibiotics.

• Cows grow naturally, at nature’s pace, without growth-producing hormones.”

Sustainably Grazed: means taking care of the land.

• Our farm is a mixture of rolling upland pastures and woods, and bottom land (“lowland”) along Pochuck Creek, part of the Walkill River system, which flows north into the Hudson River.It is bordered by a large area of undeveloped land that stretches south to the Appalachian Trail and Wawayanda Park, and is home to a wide range of wildlife in addition to our cattle.

• We rotationally graze our rolling pastures, which keeps them healthy and minimizes the need for tillage and risk of erosion and silting of Pochuck Creek.

• We fence the cows back from streams and wetlands to further protect these important resources.

• We hay the bottom land to provide winter feed.

Midsummer Farm, Warwick, NY

Egg CSA, herbs, flowers, heirloom chicken, seedlings, plants and more.

Midsummer Farm has been actively practicing and developing its own style of Artisanal and Sustainable Agriculture for almost 10 years. Certified Organic, Midsummer Farm has always gone above and beyond the USDA organic standards, using biodynamic practices and becoming Certified Naturally Grown in 2008 and Certified Animal Welfare Approved in 2009.

Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs, Sugar Loaf, NY

Organic bulk herbs.

“Located in the heart of the Sugar Loaf Art & Craft Village, Orange County, New York, Sugar Loaf Mountain Herbs is a unique shop carrying specialty teas, organic bulk herbs and spices, heartfelt gifts, aromatherapy and herb plants and flowers in season.”

Westchester County

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Tarrytown, NY

Vegetables and meat.

“Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a non-profit farm and education center located just 25 miles north of Manhattan in Pocantico Hills, New York. Stone Barns operates an 80-acre four-season farm and is working on broader initiatives to create a healthy and sustainable food system. Through our Growing Farmers Initiative, children’s education programs, and diverse public awareness programs, we aim to improve the way America eats and farms.

Stone Barns is open to the public year-round, Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Come walk through our gardens and pastures, sign up for a public program or tour, and enjoy a meal at our partner restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns or at Blue Hill Café.”

Columbia County

Threshold Farm, Philmont, NY

Biodynamic apples and produce

Hanna Bail, Hugh Williams and Family of Threshold Farms

“On 45 acres of lush fields and woodlands, Hanna Bail and Hugh Williams tend to orchards, gardens that supply a 37-member CSA, a herd of 18 cows, scattered chickens and a few pigs. The couple works the land that is Threshold Farm with one full-time farm hand and a legion of volunteers–friends, really–who jump at the chance to work side-by-side with these visionaries, taking in the view, working up a healthy sweat and relishing in the knowledge that they’re doing something positive for the earth.”

For more information about local farmers’ markets, local CSAs and local food events go to Local Harvest. For local farms selling sustainably raised meat, poultry and eggs specifically, go to Eat Wild. You can also use the search engine on the website for The Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), to find local sources of food. 

Sussex County, New Jersey

Plaid Piper Farm, Branchville, NJ

Beef, lamb, pork, poultry and eggs.

“Located in Wykertown New Jersey, in scenic Sussex County, Plaid Piper Farm is a beautiful example of responsible farm management on a sustainable and environmentally sound small family farm. We sell grass finished beef and lamb, pastured pork, turkeys, chicken and eggs.

Healthy, contented pigs, chickens, turkeys and cattle graze on 100 acres of natural pasture. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used. Our animals enjoy fresh air, sunshine, lush green grass, fresh water. The result? Delicious, pure and healthful meat. 
If you want to know where your food comes from and eat natural, antibiotic-free & hormone-free food, click ‘Order’ and reserve your selections. We have beef! Select cuts available now!”

Warren County, NJ

The Community-Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ

Biodynamic produce.

“Fresh, clean, healthy, local food is the primary reason most people are drawn to Community Supported Agriculture. While this is a fine motivation in and of itself, there are also other important reasons why our CSG is a good choice.

Membership not only entitled you to a share in the produce, but also allows our farmers to focus on growing life-giving food for people they know rather that for an impersonal market. With the bottom line secured, growing decisions stem from what’s good for the land rather than from the dictates of economics.

The CSG community is not simply pre-buying vegetables; it is also helping to support itself through the running of a farm. The direct link between members and farmers puts the “culture” back in “agriculture.” As a result, our community begins to reconnect to the earth and to each other.

We welcome all members, including children, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the farm”

Please contact the Chapter Leaders through the Contact form if you would like to introduce a local farmer.


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