Udder Milk Creamery Coop

“We strive to make our customers happy and healthy with fresh from the farm, NEW JERSEY and NEW YORK AMISH FARMS. Organically grown Grass fed raw dairy, NO GRAIN IS EVER GIVEN. The cows we get the dairy from are Jersey cows. There are also two other farmers that we get the dairy from and they have a mixed herd of Dutch Belted, Brown Swiss, Jerseys and Milking Shorthorns.

All of the farmers we deal with have plenty of acreage so that the nutrition quality is never compromised, much rotation of grazing. Please remember this also…good nutritious organic grass-fed milk does not allways come from just jersey cows, we have a choice of two farmers for your milk needs. We never get milk from holstein cows.
Organically grown Grass fed meats CHICKEN, LAMB (in season only), BEEF (grass fed from start to finish) and many other products that can compliment your other items.”

Please contact the local Chapter Leaders through the contact form for more information on buying clubs.

Also, please contact us if you would like to suggest a buying club. 


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