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Food As Medicine


Thursday April 3, 2014

7-8:30 PM

Hudson Valley Functional Medicine, 707A Executive Blvd, Valley Cottage, NY

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The food we eat has an amazing ability to steer our health in the right direction, or the wrong one. 

If you are struggling with a chronic illness then it is even more important to get it right.

Based on the work of Dr. Patricia KaneDr. David Perlmutter, and others I will introduce a healing diet that is very powerful, but also enjoyable and simple.

In this lecture learn about foods that can have an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and healing effect on the body.  And also learn the ones that are pro-inflammatory and that hinder healing.

We will also go over how to implement this way of eating in a practical way. Recipes and meal plans will be provided.


Take Back Your Kitchen!


Healthy Meals For Picky Eaters!

Do you struggle with a picky eater? Do you wish your children ate better but feel helpless about how to get them to do so? Are you unsure about which foods are the best?

We are surrounded by quick food that is not the healthiest so it is easy to resort to less than ideal choices. And with a picky eater it can be very challenging, even when you are doing your best.

In this discussion we will explore ways to get your children to eat better and we will go over healthy, convenient food options.

BWFS-images picky eater girl

Join nutritionist Jill Cruz, MS, for this informative talk on how to maximize your children’s health

Saturday, March 9th

10 AM 

The Christian Community Church

15 Margetts Rd

Chestnut Ridge, NY

$10 Suggested Donation


IMG_0378Jill Cruz, MS, is a Nutrition and Health counselor for Body Wise, Food Smart. She melds together scientific knowledge with learnings from multiple modalities such as Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Weston A. Price principles, and her life experiences.  Jill is passionate about helping people incorporate healthy food and lifestyle choices into their lives. Learn more about Jill:

Outrageous October Events!


The Harmony Diet

Thursday, October 11th 7 PM

Tappan Library 93 Main St. Tappan, NY

Have you ever wondered why some people do great on a more vegetarian-type diet while others feel they wouldn’t survive more than one day without meat? Why are some diets such as the Atkin’s Diet wildly successful for some and a dismal failure for others? Or are you just confused about what to eat?

The answer is simple: We are all unique and there is no “one” diet that is right for everyone!

Although almost every shred of information about eating healthy would lead you to believe the contrary, this is a simple truth that can transform the way you view eating.

It is easy to find the way of eating that is right for you, but it requires an open mind and accepting that there are no inherently “good” or “bad” whole foods. At this workshop I will guide you through the process to find out the most nourishing foods for YOU (ie: not someone else). And we will learn about the single most important skill in reaching your ultimate health potential.

Join nutritionist Jill Cruz for this informative talk on how to reduce cravings, gain energy, and improve mood.

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Jill Cruz is a Nutrition and Health counselor for Body Wise, Food Smart and a Masters Of Science candidate for Human Nutrition at The University of Bridgeport. She melds together scientific knowledge with learnings from multiple modalities such as Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Weston A. Price principles, and her life experiences. Jill is passionate about helping people incorporate healthy food and lifestyle choices into their lives. Learn more about Jill


The Natural Diet


Cats & Dogs

Saturday, October 13

1-3 PM

The Christian Community Church

15 Margetts Rd

Chestnut Ridge, NY

$5 Suggested Donation for use of space


Learn how to feed your pet the way it was meant to eat!

Your dog or cat can achieve vibrant health and longevity and avoid many degenerative diseases with a few simple dietary changes. 

Presented by Dr. Eric Goldman

Introducing The Eat Well Club®


After about 4 years of personal and spiritual growth related to my health and eating well I have come to the conclusion that this endeavor requires regular inspiration and support.

I began this quest motivated by fear and regret and have now come to a place of simple inspiration. Over the years I have vacillated between extremism, unconventional self-experimentation, an occasional “screw it, I’m eating ice cream”, and a calm, confident attitude of “I’m just doing it”. What I have found is that the times when I’m feeling inspired and supported is when I remain in the “I’m just doing it” attitude.

The “I’m just doing it” attitude is so easy and peaceful. There is no angst, no guilt, no unrequited desires, no rationalizations, and no judgement. This is when I eat well and faithfully follow my most nourishing practices. This is when I feel my best.

So, it is with great excitement that I announce my launching of The Eat Well Club®! My intent is to provide a supportive, loving, and light-hearted space that inspires others to be at their best.

Meetings will be held in Chestnut Ridge the first Monday of every month at 7 PM and the third Saturday on 10 AM. There is a 5$ suggested donation for each meeting.

In my studies I come across multiple valid reasons to scare the junk food right out of your hands. The sheer complexity and potential for disaster to occur in our biological systems is overwhelming to ponder. However, I do not look to motivate through fear. My goal as a practitioner and partner in health-building is to inspire, inspire, and inspire. How can I do that? I believe that we ALL have it in us to do our best. I believe that we all have the power to transform and direct our realities. But since we are modern humans often disconnected from our inner world, we also all need support to draw upon this inner personal power and ability.

So my goal is to help people recognize that they posses this power. Once the awareness is there then regular reminders, acceptance, and support can help maximize the harnessing of this power. The Eat Well Club® is a gathering of people who are inspired by this power and desire mutual support to harness it to transform their realities. 

For more details go The Eat Well Club® page or visit Events on our Facebook page to RSVP to attend a local meeting.

FRESH! Movie Screening


Free screening of this inspiring documentary!

Join us for a discussion afterward and

learn how you can eat more local food and be healthy!

When: Sunday, February 5, 2:00 PM

Where: Finkelstein Memorial Library

Fielding Room, 3rd Floor

24 Chestnut Street, Spring Valley, NY


Sponsored by Rockland County WAPF and The Wellness Committee of Green Meadow Waldorf School

Check out a trailer of the film HERE!

Fight For Food Freedom!


Before you’re forced to eat this for dinner!

RAW MILK FREEDOM RIDERS – November 1, 2011, Noon – 3PM

Location: (across from) FDA Headquarters 10903 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring MD

Caravan of Mothers Defy FDA Interstate Commerce and Food Safety Law on Raw Milk
In Support of Farmers Across the Nation Willing to Supply Fresh Milk to Mothers Across State Lines, Risking Their Business to Serve Their Customers.

The Caravan will cross from PA into Maryland on Route 1 on Nov. 1st, if you want to join the caravan contact OR meet us at the rally! Don’t forget your raw milk banners and writing on your windows to let the public know you support pastured, raw milk!

Speakers Include: Joel Salatin, Mark McAfee, David Gumphert, Max Kane, Michael Schmidt, Liz Reitzig and many other mothers from across the nation.

Accommodations can be found nearby, if you need a place to stay or have questions contact:
We will be streaming live at:

Carpool going from Rockland County. Leave a message on the Contact form if you would like to carpool together!

And follow us on Twitter and Facebook
Media Contact: Liz Reitzig (
More details on the event will be available at:
Download/Print flyer to distribute.

And if you need some motivation, watch this:

“Folks, This Ain’t Normal”


Joel Salatin's New Book


Dear Members,

A new book by Joel Salatin, Folks, This Aint Normal will be hitting the bookstores on October 10.  For the first time, Joel’s wonderful information and style has been taken up by a major publisher (Hachette Book Group) and will be launched into the mainstream book world.

Joel’s book specifically endorses the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund as must-join organizations.

You can help lift Joels book to the top of the bestseller lists by purchasing the book from a bookstore or Amazon on October 10th or shortly thereafter.

Consider purchasing a case and reselling the books. The books come ten per case and sell for 40 percent off the retail price of $25.99; two cases sell for 49 percent off retail.  To order by the case, contact Monica Shah, Manager Special Markets, Hachette Book Group, or (212) 364-1524.

Together we can make Joels book a resounding success and introduce our vital message to the mainstream.

Sally Fallon Morell, President

The Salatin Family: Back: Teresa, Lucille, Sheri, Rachel Front: Joel, Andrew, Daniel, Travis

By Joel Salatin

“We live in abnormal times.  Really abnormal times.  Times when most people think Twinkies,  Cocoa-puffs, and Mountain Dew are safe but raw milk, compost grown tomatoes, and Aunt Matilda’s homemade pickles are unsafe.  The average morsel of food travels fifteen hundred miles between point of production and point of consumption.  Indeed, the average T-bone steak sees more of America than the farmer that grew the cow.

Never in the history of civilization has a culture eaten foods it can’t pronounce, foods that can’t be made in a domestic kitchen, or foods that won’t rot.  Living foods mold, rot, and decompose.  How long can an M&M remain on your counter without altering its appearance?

Until extremely recent days, people had to  think about energy, whether it was providing for draft animals for transportation and power, or accumulating firewood to keep the stove burning in the winter.

We are the first culture to abdicate domestic culinary arts in favor of microwavable boxes of processed, stabilized, extruded, reconstituted, dye-colored, amalgamated, irradiated, nutrient-compromised, transgenic modified, prostituted pseudo-food.    Modern America now has the highest rate in history of chronic, debilitating diseases, and leads the world in unhealthiness.

We’re the first culture to invent supermarkets and to universally equate children’s chores with abuse.  We’re the first culture to confine animals in factories, use pharmaceuticals on our food, and break the soil-building carbon cycle on a massive scale.”

These themes, discussed in historical context, conventional modern-day thinking, and future response, position Joel Salatin’s new book FOLKS, THIS AIN’T NORMAL as a must read for Weston A. Price members.  Indeed, he even uses the book to acquaint the world with WAPF as well as the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

“When a major publisher (CenterStreet, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group) decided to put their weight behind this project, I decided that part of my objective would be to let the world know about all these wonderful groups and thinkers who really have all the answers to people’s fears.  I get tired of seeing the media wringing their hands as if solutions don’t exist, when in fact, they do.   I hope this book draws thousands and thousands into the WAPF camp–just mentioning the organization should drive people to the website.”

Never one to allow victimhood excuses, Salatin ends each chapter with a bulleted list of “things you can do.”  This broad book addresses issues as varied as food police, soil development, Disneyfication of the culture, and scientific findings proving pasture-based livestock is far more nutrient dense than factory-farmed counterparts.  It will warm your soul.

If you’ve ever wondered how to articulate how ridiculous many modern assumptions are, this book will give some sound bites.  Filled with stories, satire, and humor, FOLKS, THIS AIN’T NORMAL  is due for release Oct. 10 in hardback, Kindle, and audio-book.