Outrageous October Events!


The Harmony Diet

Thursday, October 11th 7 PM

Tappan Library 93 Main St. Tappan, NY

Have you ever wondered why some people do great on a more vegetarian-type diet while others feel they wouldn’t survive more than one day without meat? Why are some diets such as the Atkin’s Diet wildly successful for some and a dismal failure for others? Or are you just confused about what to eat?

The answer is simple: We are all unique and there is no “one” diet that is right for everyone!

Although almost every shred of information about eating healthy would lead you to believe the contrary, this is a simple truth that can transform the way you view eating.

It is easy to find the way of eating that is right for you, but it requires an open mind and accepting that there are no inherently “good” or “bad” whole foods. At this workshop I will guide you through the process to find out the most nourishing foods for YOU (ie: not someone else). And we will learn about the single most important skill in reaching your ultimate health potential.

Join nutritionist Jill Cruz for this informative talk on how to reduce cravings, gain energy, and improve mood.

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Jill Cruz is a Nutrition and Health counselor for Body Wise, Food Smart and a Masters Of Science candidate for Human Nutrition at The University of Bridgeport. She melds together scientific knowledge with learnings from multiple modalities such as Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Weston A. Price principles, and her life experiences. Jill is passionate about helping people incorporate healthy food and lifestyle choices into their lives. Learn more about Jill


The Natural Diet


Cats & Dogs

Saturday, October 13

1-3 PM

The Christian Community Church

15 Margetts Rd

Chestnut Ridge, NY

$5 Suggested Donation for use of space


Learn how to feed your pet the way it was meant to eat!

Your dog or cat can achieve vibrant health and longevity and avoid many degenerative diseases with a few simple dietary changes. 

Presented by Dr. Eric Goldman


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