Introducing The Eat Well Club®


After about 4 years of personal and spiritual growth related to my health and eating well I have come to the conclusion that this endeavor requires regular inspiration and support.

I began this quest motivated by fear and regret and have now come to a place of simple inspiration. Over the years I have vacillated between extremism, unconventional self-experimentation, an occasional “screw it, I’m eating ice cream”, and a calm, confident attitude of “I’m just doing it”. What I have found is that the times when I’m feeling inspired and supported is when I remain in the “I’m just doing it” attitude.

The “I’m just doing it” attitude is so easy and peaceful. There is no angst, no guilt, no unrequited desires, no rationalizations, and no judgement. This is when I eat well and faithfully follow my most nourishing practices. This is when I feel my best.

So, it is with great excitement that I announce my launching of The Eat Well Club®! My intent is to provide a supportive, loving, and light-hearted space that inspires others to be at their best.

Meetings will be held in Chestnut Ridge the first Monday of every month at 7 PM and the third Saturday on 10 AM. There is a 5$ suggested donation for each meeting.

In my studies I come across multiple valid reasons to scare the junk food right out of your hands. The sheer complexity and potential for disaster to occur in our biological systems is overwhelming to ponder. However, I do not look to motivate through fear. My goal as a practitioner and partner in health-building is to inspire, inspire, and inspire. How can I do that? I believe that we ALL have it in us to do our best. I believe that we all have the power to transform and direct our realities. But since we are modern humans often disconnected from our inner world, we also all need support to draw upon this inner personal power and ability.

So my goal is to help people recognize that they posses this power. Once the awareness is there then regular reminders, acceptance, and support can help maximize the harnessing of this power. The Eat Well Club® is a gathering of people who are inspired by this power and desire mutual support to harness it to transform their realities. 

For more details go The Eat Well Club® page or visit Events on our Facebook page to RSVP to attend a local meeting.


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